And then ...

... Noodle mecha-madness !

Here's a few shots from the sketchbooks I just managed to take for ya !! Been doodling a bit every day now and got a few more to finish in the next few days so ... More to come !! Been pretty busy lately and getting busier too !!! I love it but I'm also trying to keep this a vacation ! Huh ... See the dilemma ! Anyways , had a short day today but have lots of pictures to come in the next few days so stay tuned for more Plogable adventures of me in Hong Kong !!

But before I run away and try to get a few awesome shots of Mong Kok during magic hour ( official term /time of day when the light hits just right ) ! There is news in the blog world my friends !! Mhm ... That's right ! Something improbable has happened !!! Mr. Jesse Smith has updated his blog !!!!! That's right !!! Most of you probably didn't even know he had one so ... Check it out , drop him a comment and let him know to keep it up !!!

This last one is me at my breakfast place the other day with some of my HK homies !! The other ones are just loosely based on loose facts !!

Take care , fateful readers and look right when in doubt !!


chris pa,usa said...

nice dude thanks fer the pics love the 1st one especially

Hailey said...

Hey Pick,

What do you use to colour your sketches? They are always so vibrant!