At the Pub ...

Last night's doodle-thon !

Just about 4 pints long of sketchbooking ! 't was nice to draw for nothing for a bit !! Haven't had much time in a long time to do just that !! Hope I'll manage to make some time while on my next excursion to the east !! I usually do but never as much as I want to ! And it sounds like I'm gonna be pretty busy too down there !!

Here's a few shots ... However , not quite the super quality required to actually see what I drew ! But it's pretty hard to take shots in a bar ! I decided to get the mood more than the actual sketches so I dropped the flash ... ! But if any of these sketches make it to the land of finished pieces , you can be sure to get to see them all scanned and stuff ! So ... Here's just to get ya in the mood !!

More shaky shots of sketchbooks in the next month !! However , a few more tats to come before I'm outta here !

For anybody who likes to draw out there ... Drawing in public places is a great exercise !! And when you've done it for a few years ... ( and then some ) ... You actually start liking it ! It makes your pieces more interesting !! It changes the way you draw a bit !! It gives them that extra spontaneous edge like a cross between a phone doodle and a finished piece !! Anyway ... Try it out if you've never before !!

And then with a few pints of the good stuff , you just can't go wrong !!

Oh my goodness ... My Guinness !

Later , Plogaholics !


igl said...

yesss, that´s the point;
a few of Guinness, and the drawing is very different, then just before,... !
hihi,... drawinking Beeeeeeeaaarr !! !

juanko said...

Guinness tends to go down very quickly. It would be hard to draw if I was busy rolling around on the floor!

I agree with you on the public drawing though. Also the Lucky Strikes. I can't find those anywhere!

nic said...

your sketch book is so inspiring. i'm a lousy at drawing but you actually made me wanna take a sketch book with me and to capture things on paper!

please show me your sketch book when you're in hk!