A night at the market ...

The temple street night market , that is ! Here it is ... The night out on film ... For your viewing pleasure ! Ended up aiming higher than the actual market with my camera ... But I just can't resist these beautiful buildings !! Who could !?

First shot >>> On the way there ... All others in Jordan and Yau Ma Tei !

Tonight ? I think I owe YZ and Dong Dong from Beijing a sushi night !! A running sushi night !! And then ... A trip out in the boonies , if all goes as planned !!

Am also gonna start working soon !! Got 3 or 4 pieces lined up and a bunch of cool sketches to post ! Also got 2 wall submissions and I was thinking I might just have enough time to do one of them ! Hah ! That could be nice ! Let's see what other surprises Hong Kong holds for me in the next week !

Later , raw blog on a stick readers !


chris said...

crazy pics,

Hasheeme said...

yo homie!!!

can't wait for your sketches!!!! just wanna ask when will you leave? cause thinking to get tattoo from you too!!!