+45c !

for real !!! And that's not cool anymore !! You hear me , crazy weather !!?? It's not funny anymore !!!!!!

So here I am , in the land of Summer and wondering if "Down under" doesn't actually mean hell !! This weather is something pretty intense !! I mean , I personally am not a big fan of sunny weather and all other related Summery things to start with so this apocalyptic heat is a bit of a discomfort to say the least ! I don't wanna rant about this too much but if any of you have ever experienced a week of + 42 and up , you come to realize that that's it !!! That's global warming , that's what we're all gonna die from !!!!! The greater Melbourne area city hall should really consider investing in some more ozone layer !!!!

In other non-ranting news ... Today's my best friend's big day ! Gonna have to make a speech ... In a suit and stuff !!! That's right , should be interesting ! I'll try to get someone to take a shot or two of that .... For the PLog , should be funny , I know a few people back home who might be wondering what I might look like when dressed up in a non-hobo way , but also cuz I think my darling's interested in that kind of stuff ! Let's see what happens !

Will start scratching in a few days so keep an eye on this here Plog for some Aussie-tat-garoo-action !! And might even have some time to sketch a bit too !!

And now if you don't mind ... I got a speech to go and right !! Take care out there and enjoy your Winter !! No ... really !!!


princessinferno said...

I have tried 42c and even for me, it's pretty hell-ish, i agree.
Where does one go to buy extra ozone layer? Ikea? Silvan?

Good luck with the speechiness and give Shannon a huge congratulations hug from us!

chris pa,usa said...

wish it were warmer where im at