Right back out ...

Just freshly landed right back on the other side of the world ! Right back in my favourite place on our little planet ! The ride wasn't that bad ... I mean , it sucked but not more than it usually does !! But it was worth it !! Boy I missed being here !! Nothing else quite like it !!! Nothing much seems to have changed either and that's just perfect !

Got my Octopus pass , my Tribune stand , my first and second morning coffee place and my breakfast place all settled and am good to go ! Boy I really missed being here !!! Truly my most bestest favouritest place on earth !!!

After the last few months of running and over working and over stressing about too much to do and not enough time to do it in ... It's mighty nice to be here and have no deadline of any kind !!! Here's a few shots from my hood here ... Just to get you in the mood for the next two weeks !! More to come ... Lots more !

Tomorrow ? Nothing ! I'll probably Plog about it !!


nic said...

Welcome to the Fragrant Harbour! Looking forward to meeting you and showing you around some cool parts of town!

Anonymous said...

I love you man... and we all miss you here... guess what? SUNDAY IS GONNA BE KILLA!!!!

princessinferno said...

Looks awesome!
Have fun!!