The bloody peach !

Today's tat-a-matic doings are as follows !!

The giant runaway peach came back for some 4 hours of colour today and here it is !! We done finished all the foresty forest hills , some fields , a truck stop ( with trucks ) and finally ... The said peach ! 't looks a bit bloody right now but it looks great ! So here's a quick shot for your viewing pleasure !! With extra truck stop close-up !!

Next session on the lower arm ... As soon as I get back from my next trip !

Also in the news .... The piece I had done for the "drawing blood" gallery show in the states , last Summer , made it back into a super frame and is now where it belongs , on a very special wall !! Damn these doodles look good when they're all framed up pro and stuff !

And now if you don't mind ... A drawing session at the pub ! Yep ... I still do that once in a while !

Later !


Anonymous said...

i love u man

JetBlackNinja said...


That is great, the little box trucks are smoking!