The dancing Wookiee !

Today , at the office of blood and tears !

Been busy all day with some sweet tat-a-magic making ! ( might run out of those tat names one day ! ) First the final touches on the sky/bird/balloon/cloudy band thing ( touch-ups in March ) ! This piece was one of the pieces affected by the shitty Starbright white + sun thing this last Summer ! Had talked about it in a previous post and well ... Am happy to see that it was easily fixed up and all reduxed to look all nice and stuff ! Today ... The birds and all that flying stuff was done ! Have a peak !

Happy bird !

Second ... Wookiee came by for some more sleeve colour action ! And am happy to say that this beautiful sleeve has officially none more than one session left to go before it's all done and sitting comfortably on my web-site !! We done did all the bits that hurt today plus that last nurse up in front ! I was gonna post just a close up or two ! But it turns out , Wookiee tells me in kind of a shy/sad way , that I haven't been plogging about his sleeve much on the last few sessions !! So ... Here's a sneak peak at the forearm ! Nobody likes a sad Wookiee !

Robot dude , here , is getting an operation ! Yep ... And a bunch of hot nurses are taking care of just that !! No more ... That's it !! The rest is a secret and you'll find out soon enough ( March ) what it all looks like and how damn awesome it is !!

Until then ... Stay classy and tune in tomorrow for some more of this ink in the skin thing !!

Later , powerline huggers !


Andy D said...

I'm in love with your Robotics, Great work man!

Andy D

chris pa,usa said...

wow that sleeve is incredible! love the thick outlines

Anonymous said...

met this bird in real life tonight.... couldn't figure out why it looked so familiar until now.