The garden is growing ...

... Yes indeed !

Today's roses were very pink !! Not red but Pink ! And the garden grew and grew for about 4 hours ! Here's the day's worth of gardening !

Some more of this in April !! Roses are fun ! Maybe I'm just saying this cuz I've done about 3 tattoos in the last 5 years that had some ... But I think I'm gonna try to do a bit more of them !! They're so simple and a lot of fun to push and twist and try to do something different with ! Once in a while ... Like next to a robot or an extra-galactic hot alien invader chick from another world , for example !! Just a thought ! However , worry not "Old-schoolers" and "Traditionalists" I doubt I'll ever start to one-pass line them !

And now ... If you don't mind ... I'm outta here ! First flight tomorrow for more extraordinary adventures and lots of no running !! That's right ... A bit of a break is ok sometimes !! And since this trip is going to be a bit of a break for me ... You should expect a bunch of illustrations , pictures and cool tats to show up on the Plog !!

See ya on the other side of the world , fateful Plog readers , for more Electric Padventures from the Orient !

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juanko said...

Those roses are... GENIUS!!!