On the docks last night !!

The Nyhavn werewolf has struck again !! Or maybe the headline should read " NYHAVN WEREWOLF STRIKES AGAIN ! AUTHORITIES PUZZLED "

Indeed ! Another unsuspecting victim has fallen last night !! In the fog of Copenhagen's old harbour ... The now morbidly famous creature has taken another innocent damsel for pray !! The authorities are , once again , puzzled by this midnight drama and are looking for a possible witness ! The witness's name is Sailor Sven and was last seen at the Hong Kong café on the pier ! He could have witnessed the scene and therefore have valuable information for the authorities ! Here's how it happened ! ( this time ... In colour ! )
4 hours of colour on this one today !! Might even be finished after the next session !!

For those of ya who like this tattoo fad ... Keep an eye on this Plog cuz I got a lot coming before my next trip !! I done did overbooked myself before my exit to the Orient on the 14th ( next week ) ... So that means on good thing !! Lots of tattoo-plogging-super-action !! If you're in to that sort of thing , of course !

Also in the news >>>>>>>> ( more like in the back pages ) but still in today's news !!!
I've had to change my next trip around a bit !! Because of let's say " unrealistic time constraints due to unpractical administration regulations of the People's Republic of China's consular services " ... ( Yes ! Even international spies , men of mystery , top secret spooks of the underworld and so very secretive world of high espionage have to get visas ! ) ... I've decided to cancel the Beijing part of the trip and replace it with more Hong Kong goodness !! So ... New dates are as follows :

Hong Kong : From the 15th of January till the 27th ...
Melbourne : From the 27th of January till the 7th of February !

No appointment has been moved ! So if you're booked for HK or Melbourne , no worries ! Dates are the same !

However , I truly love Beijing and am a bit sad to skip it this year !! Was looking forward to my Mandarin escape this Winter !! So , I've added it in the list of trips I have to do this year !! Along with .... A million others !!

Till next time .... It's not always easy being a super spook !! They've given me a number and taken away my name !!


chris said...

nice colrs, wow hong kong n melbourne u are lucky

Anonymous said...

i love u man