09 !

It's true !! It's true !
Welcome to the future !! Finally ! And to celebrate ... Here's a double plog !!

First ... Last year's last ! Last session , that is ! Roboto came in for his final session of ultimate colour goodness galore !! Now now !! Don't get all excited !! A tattoo is not necessarily finished when it's finished !!! We still have a touch-up session to go through !! Like that blue on the elbow ... Just noticed it def. needed some more !!! A few hours perhaps ... I'm thinking 1 or 2 but when I'm in there , touching-up ... I'm kind of unstoppable !!! So ... Maybe more than 2 hours !! So , final final session for Mr. Roboto in March ! Here's what we went through last Tuesday ...

Absolutely awesome supra-colour action !!!

And second ... This year's first !! A super new piece this time ! Mr. Erik came down from Oslo this morning ( 8 hrs on the train ) for a 5 and a half hour session of line-o-matic action !! Welcome to horror island !!!

These two traveling companions have been through a lot while on their many travels across the most unforgiving corners of our little world !! However , this time ... I think it's the end of the road for them !! The final chapter for these two !! Finito , fini , ciao , the end !!

And no ! The apes don't have funny hats !! Their brains are open and that metal thing on there is what makes them slave to the island queen's every command !! Yep ... Mhm !

Welcome to 2009 !! 't was nice Plogging with ya in 08 !! Much more to come in this new future year !! Close your eyes , cross your fingers and hope for the best !!


chris, pa,usa said...

wow startin off the new year killin it! awesome robot sleeve

TsT Headquarters said...

Bonne Année Mr. Pick !!! Fais attention aux machines ....

NicklasSs TsT -30c Quebec Rock City

bringsomenoise said...

That Roboto is killer, love the colors

Anonymous said...

i love u man