Winterings !

Just ran through these a second ago and well ... With the Wintery weather we've just started to get here , these last few days , I thought these kind of shots would be well needed !

A few random 35mm shots from a few months ago , back in L.A. !

I'm not out of shots yet ! No no .... Still have a few left to post , eventually , from this last trip ! However , am already starting to plan the next few trips !! Nothing is for sure yet but what I've been looking at lately is :

-Christmas back home in Paris / Def. not working !
-from mid January till early March in wonderful Hong Kong / Yes ... A bit of working but not too much !

More and more precise dates to come ! Until then ... The next two days are doodle days so ... Keep an eye out for some of that !


Mathilde said...

Christmas in Paris ?? Sounds good to me! Havent been home for Christmas in about 15 years but oh well ...
Just teasing everybody by saying that i live 2.5 hours south of LA, in sunny Mexico ... just came back from walking my dog ... 6am ... 28.3°C ... just saying!

PS: WHEN are you gonna plan a trip to Mexico damn it?? ;) i want my gun-lady!

Art Skull said...

hihi, moi j'ai pris l'avion hier de paris pour les tropiques, c'est vrai qu'on commence a se les geler chez vous, bref, apr├ęs le mexique oublis pas la jungle, putain tu vas en faire des kilometres, bon courage vieux !!!!

Ward-E-O said...

makes me miss my home town, its getting cold and wet here in oregon (usa) as well