- 31 -

No worries mates ... All is good in Nick world !!

Thoughts have cleared and the pondering time is over (at least the unhealthy too much thinking part) !! Thanks for all your kind words , but you should know ... It wasn't that bad , ya know ! Just a bit under the weather for the last week or so !! Have , yet again , been confronted with the indisputable fact that I am still no master in the art of understanding the complexity of human relations , have yet to find a comfortable and acceptable scenario for my "natural" "human" need to geographically settle Vs my , as imposing need to do anything but , have yet to have found any true answer on the complex relationship I so inevitably share with time itself and finally have still not found a way to control the weather ... True story , however , all is good and feels much better today ! Should be perfectly fine till my next birthday , perhaps !

Here's the week's grand master plan ...

3 tattoo days this week so keep an eye open !

Doodles should slowly start to pop up soon again !

News tomorrow !!

P.s. A good friend of mine (big bird) once told me , that the best way to find out things ... Is to ask questions !! He also told me , that services could be exchanged for money ... No ... Wait , that was another bird !


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MinusAll said...

Happy Birthday!! :)