In the court of the carrot king !

Today's delicious eatable diorama of the time when the carrot king had a chat with some rabbits !! Uncomfortable situation , if ya ask me !! But enough about the wonderful cake we got at the shop today and more about what we did !!

Today was time to squeeze in some sweet colour in that girl's workshop/room sleeve piece and that's just what happened !! 3 and a half hours of just that !! Oh and yeah ... We went with red !! Here's what it looks like now !!!

She should go out and play instead of staying in , if ya ask me !! Not too healthy to spend full days indoors like that !!

More tat-a-rockin' action tomorrow !! True story !!


danish ice said...

Love it! you are a true master!!!!

luke said...

way too deadly.. best i have seen in a long while.