Fancy pants !

MMMmmmm ... Curry for breakfast !

Today was a "run all over town" day with an almost perfect start !! Also , you should know , I've had a lot of awesome new gigs lately !! Gots to let ya know about a few of these !! Haven't officially found out how I will get all this done in good time but I think I'll be taking them all on !! Sounds like the end of the year is gonna be a busy one !! But first ... You'll be glad to know that the Yellow Cake baker sisters have made it to the gallery , all in good time !!!

Close one but hey ... Looking quite good !!!

+Am pretty stoked about having a piece (a new one) at the "Fear of the dark" show at the Hope Gallery opening in early December !! More on that soon soon !!

+Have just been asked to cooperate on a special edition comic book project thing which has gotten me all excited and stuff !! True story !! More on this just as soon soon !

+An EPK article to be published soon in a few sweet zines is being written as we speak !!!

More invites to shows and zine stuff to be confirmed very soon too and finally ... If you happen to be in the greater general Copenhagen area on Friday night ... Drop by the G G Gallery and have a peek at the Yellow Cake sisters "live" !!!

ROCK !!!


Shelltoon said...

Your work and process is very inspiring... Turk turned me on to your work.
Do you shoot with an SLR or point and shoot camera?


ZAK said...

Funnily enough, I AM in town on Friday. Gonna see the Swe-Dan football game with the company. Gonna check out where that gallery is.
Looking sweet buddy.