Lone Star !

From the Copenhagen bureau >>>>>>

First of all ... I'd like to start by congratulating my main man , the Brobama , for his Nobel prize of the day ! Not quite sure if it is really well justified but I'm happy he got it ! Good on ya !

Today was one of those days !! Not a bad one , just one of those !! Started off perfect , then ran to the shop for nothing !! A "no-show" isn't the end of the world ... I kinda like the day off but knowing about all the good folks waiting in line patiently for their turn ... Makes me a bit bitter , ya know ? Anywho ... Off to the gallery now !! Remember ... If you is in the hood tonight or anytime this month , come and check it out "live" !!

And for all yall who can't make it , I'll take a few shots for ya tonight and post them here tomorrow !!

Tomorrow is (I hope) a tat-action day >>>>> So keep an eye peeled for more of inspector Grey and his unbelievable adventures !! Until then .......... Here's an astronaut princess !

Happy culturings !!

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ZAK said...

A no-show? And I was there that day! Disgraceful! Well, we had quite a J├Ąger marathon with the work buddies, so no chance getting tattooed anyways.
But I'll be seeing you in a month!