Happy Plogiversary !!

That's right , ladies and gentlemen ... Last Sunday was this here Plog's 2 year Plogiversary !!

An old unfinished sketch got cleaned up for the occasion !!

It's not easy playing the trumpet in space !!

Started doodling again today ! It had been a while ! So much to do and way to much to tattoo !! But it looks like I'm back at the desk and started to push them out again !! Hurra !

More stuff very soon ... As I am , you should know , fully aware of the Plog-delays of the last few days !!

However , also in the week's news >>>>> Make sure you check the new shop's homie , the new coconspirator , the Eckel man's own very own blog !! It was in the Conspiracy inc.'s work contract you know !! Yep ... At the bottom ... Next to the accidents non-responsibility claim !! Ya wanna work with us , you gotta get your self one of them blogs ! True story !! It took a while to get him started but now ... watch out !!! He's addicted !! Check it out and let him know what you think !!! Really beautiful stuff he comes up with !!!

Stay safe and happy Plogiversary !!!

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