Weekly roundup !

Behold ... All the week's tat-action work ... All in one post ! Unbelievable !! I know ! Hang on to something and get started already !!

More colour was done on the Nansensgade Half sleeve last Thursday ! Never managed to get a decent shot so ... All ya get is this close up of the street !! More on this one in just about a month !!

Dirty olive greens love pink !!! They do they do !!


Next in line ... Last Friday was background colour time on this little one !! All the background got managed in the very minimum 2 hours I impose my good clients for a session !! What a relief !

Pink delight ! Next and final session on this sweet one in just about a month too !!


And finally , today's tat-a-rama-action at the office , the March of the Tripods ... Invaders reap havoc on our unsuspecting world !! No one would have believed ... How will this all end !!! Find out in December for this half sleeve's final round !!!

RUN !!!!

Tomorrow ??? .... Finally some quality doodle time ! Check back for some painted pretty princesses and doodled dirty dolls !! If you're into that sort of thing , that is !!

+For all the Denmarkians out there ... A very happy hang over day !
+For all the NAmericans out there ... A specially spooky halloween !

Stay street !

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bringsomenoise said...

That sleeve is baaad. Love the sky