You-boatics !

Another one ... Can't help it !

A new addition to my current submarine thing ! This one , however , I've dissected for your understanding pleasure ! I just really love making these silly "fake-technical" drawings of anything , really ! And I don't really know if it was just my books when I was a kid or if everyone had them but there used to be these books with technical illustrations about how things work and stuff ! They would show the insides of things , how it all worked and looked inside ! And all of them had this consensus , it seems , to have the edges of the parts that were cut through , painted red ! Is it just me ?? Do you remember these ?? Do they still make them ?? Anywho ... Here's my version of a super technical , full of factual facts , inside look on the very real insides of the HMS VALIANT (S33) ! Wonder why they actually didn't give one that name ?? Vanguard , Victorious , Vigilant , Vengeance ?? I wouldn't personally want to be serving in a nuclear ballistic missile submarine called "Vengeance" ... Kinda grim ! Ok ok ok --- Enough geekness !

Just the day's doodle ! Nothing worth writing home about ! However , this is an English ship so ... The sailor up in front is drinking tee , indeed ! Incase you was wondering !!

No time for silly doodles tomorrow !!! Cuz tomorrow's all about tattoos ! A new one gets started and then maybe a bit of politics too ! Oh and same same for the next few days ... Tattoos and politics ! Not to get you to sleep or anything but this week is hella-political !!

So ... Back to work for me ! Plog ya tomorrow and until then ... A big welcome to the asperatus !


Anonymous said...

yeah wen i was a youngster '85 i got a super war jets aircraft book fully techd up like that sub. it was hell trick!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, do yo wanna sell that painting? or print?

Basco5 said...

I love that sub, so little and cute!