This beautiful dream I have !

Thought all week about what and how I was gonna write today's politico-plog ! Truth is I came up with a lot of good stuff but all of it always ended up being like 3 pages long and well ... I won't do that to ya ! Just not how I roll ! Can you imagine 3 pages of text without a picture !?!? Not cool !

So I'll keep it brief , spare you all what I think about these here elections we're all getting this week (EU peeps) ! But I'll say this ... Please vote constructively !!! Whether you go right , you go left or you go green ! Whether you wanna centralize or liberalize , please vote constructively ! Whether you think it's all going in the right or wrong direction , vote constructively !!! Voting for someone who wants out is essentially voting for someone who will work against a process organized to represent us all and fix the many needs we all have !! I'm obviously a Europhile or Euro-lover or Euro-fanatic or whatever the therm is now ... I won't tell you how I think this beautiful union is one of the best things ever produced on this continent and far beyond and how well ... As difficult as we all are , it is democratic ! So please vote ... Please vote constructively to make it what you think it should be !

Also in the political news today ... Something much more amusing , to me at least !! There's a referendum up here in the rainy island kingdom (Denmarkia) ! Yep ! And people are gonna vote about maybe changing some of the rules about the Monarchy between the blue blooded boys Vs the blue blooded girls !! Which , I apologize in advance , I cannot stop comparing to wanting to make a spaceship out of wood !! I know it's a silly analogy but I can't help it !! Cuz , I'm sure we could manage it with today's technology , however , it be much easier if we just used more contemporary materials like metal and fancy shmansy plastics and whatever it is they build space shuttles with !

I'll draw it !

Next week starts tomorrow , I think !? I've always had a hard time with the office calendar ! But lots of doodles and holy molly , lots of tattooing too !!!

Stay safe and ... Show your colours !

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Martin Millard said...

Haha! I was just thinking: "Nick, please draw a spaceship in wood" and i saw the 5th last sentence! Please do it!