Yesterday's news today [part one] ! ... (Kinda)

Must apologise for the no-plogging , but the last few days have been pretty hectic days indeed !!

Finally found a few seconds to post and just realised I forgot my Usb line for my digital camera at home !! Damn this technology shmecnology !! I can fill an entire backpack with wires and adapters and chargers and all other related wire mad devices needed to use my crap !! I've most probably ranted about this before , I'm sorry , but damn ... I would pay good money for some sort of universal adapter charger thing !!!! Would be great !

I'll post yesterday's tat-shots (a new half sleeve was started) later tonight !!

In the mean time , however , I'll update you on a few things and answer a few more things !!

1: The "Porn pieces" I've been doing for the last few days aren't really for sale ! I appreciate the luv they've been getting but they'd be pretty hard to sale ! The girls , them selves are painted on the originals and pretty fragile and the backgrounds are Photoshopped scanned textures ! I will , however , most probably include a few of them in a postcard batch as soon as I can get the whole batch of postcards together (September) !!

2: Mediums I use for the said pieces is the same as I use for any other piece ... Anything I can get my hands on !! I must admit , however , they're much harder to work on than even the newspaper pieces ! The paper they're printed on is , apart from being 50 years old , very thin and weirdo-glossy !!

3: I'm almost done with a most probable super deal with a local Copenhagen cool chick store !! Will be selling a bit of my crap there but more importantly will (if the deal works out) be working with them on some cool new chick stuff for the store and therefore for the EPTB too !! So for all the cool girls out there that might be interested in such things ... Keep an eye on this Plog around next week for more super exciting news about this !!

Much more super rock'n news , shots and tats tonight , after this day at the office which I suspect of wanting to be a very long one !!!

Plog ya in a bit !


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mr Nick Nick said...

You are so rockin right now. As a mater of fact, if you would look up the word "super rockin awesomest artist in the world" I think we would find your picture in the dictionary!