Cake lovin'

Cake , is , very lovable ... Wouldn't you say ?

Day's doodle !!

Second day in a row of doing ... Well ... Not much ! Kinda nice ! A bit of zero-production days before the storm !! A good storm , of course but still a storm of a trip ! The first in a new season of super trips !! Lots of firsts on this trip , let's say ! Starting on the 13th of July and up until the 8th of September ... Make sure to keep an eye on the Plog once in a while ! Lots of one-shot tattoo-action , doodles of all sorts , crazy adventures (Secret stuff ... no no , I won't say anymore) and just cool shots of anything I'll be able to take a shot of !! Should be a sweet trip !

Also in the news of the day >>>>> Lucky Mr. Jason Stephan scored one of these from Mr. Jesse Smith for his birthday , a few weeks ago !!! K K Ka-ching !! These two , must have , undeniably ... Awesome good taste , wouldn't you agree !! Happy Birthday Mr. Stephan !!

More tomorrow ... Until then >>> ROCK !!

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