Coper mad ...

From the C.C.H.Q. today ...

This little astronaut princess is lost , I believe !!

This and many many other doodles were started today ! Nothing useful like that piece I actually have to do ... But lots none the less ! Been into shiny paint lately ! The dry brush around her and that middle part of her astronaut princess suit thing are painted with coper paint ! The scanner doesn't obviously pick it up so imagine it to be very shiny ! Electric Klimt , indeed !

More doodles tomorrow , as I try again to get something done for that show ! The deadline is coming at me and all I can manage is to destroy acres of perfectly good forest (Waste of paper) !! Wish me luck with that and I'll plog ya with the step by step process tomorrow !

Oh ! Almost forgot ...

As previously promised ... My comparison of a referendum on the rules of a monarchy !! A.k.a. Medieval space travel !!

Take care out there ... And once again , if you happen to be one of them very cool and awesome peeps who have ever bought one of my prints or one of my originals recently or a while back ... Send me a picture of it framed up in it's new natural environment !!! Would be nice to post them up on the plog ! pick@electricpick.com

You rock !

Laters !

P.s. Absolutely , dear Anonymous ... Everything that's not in my sketchbook is for sale and that sub is not in my sketchbook so it can be yours ... Not cuz I love money and stuff but rather cuz I'm always broke ! pick@electricpick.com

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Anonymous said...

The white "theme" in my blog is the result of a lack of fantasy, I think. I don't have enough creativity to make anything fancy of that piece of shit for a website. nevermind.

You live in Denmark, right? I'm planing to go there sometime soon. Don't know why tough, but I guess it will clear out as soon as i get there.