Raspberry might !

At the office today ...

Final round with this mermaid leg !! We finished it up in about 1 and a half hour and the shots look pretty good for a half healed half fresh piece !! Some final pictures in a few months , when I get back from my next adventures !!!

Oh and thanks a lot for all the love the new piece has been getting (The illustration bellow) !! I think I love it lots too !!! It's always hard to say at the beginning ... But I think I really love this one !! Hope the NAmericans will like it as much !! I'll post a picture of it all framed up as soon as I can right before I pack it and send it to the new world !!! Me and my framing wizard have been bending the rules of framing time and framing space a bit and are convinced of a perfect way to make this pretty bunch of lost astronaut princesses look even better !!!

Time will tell !

Tomorrow ?? Miles of pipes get some colour action !


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Simon said...

love it.... hope to get contacted soon by you... i want your baby... urmm i mean colour