Yesterday's pizza ...

... Was today's doings !

First news of the day ... The space bear (the one with the ray gun) dropped by today for some touch-ups ! We did about 5 minutes worth of it , wrapped it up and then I completely forgot to take a picture !! Silly me ! Now now ... He'll be back when it's all healed and not so bloody for a final shot !!! Until then ... You'll just have to trust me !

Second news of the day ... Niels dropped by for an other shot on the "consumer madness" sleeve !! It apparently had been quite a while (or so he presumes) since I had given him a spot in my calendar ... But I refuse to believe it ! Even if it's true !! We were gonna finish the whole thing today but ... Niels had other plans ! We managed to get that spot , under your arm , all done and finished though !!! A P P Pizza !! That's right ! Yesterday's or maybe even a while before that ... It looks a bit green !

Beautiful colours , that's for sure !!!!! More on this sweet sleeve when I get back from my next NAmerican adventures !!!!

Also in the news >>>>> The official count of people who have totally burnt their tattoo beyond recognition (before the said piece has been completely finished) in the space of a few weeks of Summer is now 3 ! Nothing hurts my tattoo-feelings quite like it so ... Stay away from the sun or stay away from me till you turn white again and we survey the damage !!!!

Stay safe and tomorrow , I get to start on that piece for that art show somewhere in the States !! More on that tomorrow + some more politics .... I gots to !!!

Rock !

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Anonymous said...

that's one hell of a pizza.