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OOooooooo snappPP!!

Yeah you bet! Got you guys 7 pages for today!! That's right 7 mostly all (98%) hand painted, fancy pages for your Red Box weekly session!! How'd you like that?? Yeah you bet it took me all day just getting the dialogue and the bubbles right... Yeah you better like it!! Don't be shy to comment either... Here or on the main Red Box tab! Since I got on the Instagrams, the amount of comments I get here has become very limited... It's always nice to get feedback!

So... Last week on the Red Box... the HYDRA surfaced and many important facts were clarified (air, bourbon, Rebort is a bit of a weirdo... etc) oh and that epic die-cut too... Here's how it all continues from there...



PAGE 110

PAGE 111

PAGE 112-113

PAGE 114

PAGE 115

BAAM! What an update!!! Hope you liked this week's session!!! If everything goes well (if) I might have another 7 pages for you next week too... Yeah... You bet!!!

As usual go check out the whole thing from the start HERE!

And also as usual, every page is available as a 1 in 100, hand signed and numbered, Giclée print! Shop for pages at the RED BOX tab up here on your left and the same deal as last week is still going... If you get more than one page as a print, you should get an original Red Box doodle in your order too! Yep!


More posts soon soon!!!

So much to do... So little time!!!

Oh and I can't forget to go and pay my 50$ fee at my bank tomorrow because my bank account has less than 500$ in it... Oh well at least I know my bank (HSBC), is a good and honest bank!!!!

Laters skaters!!!


Henne said...

This whole thing is so good. Also Its unbelieveable to me how you manage to do all of this + tattooing and what not. Makes me feel really bad for beeing such lazy fuck. Always a great inspiration. Thank you!

Rich Phipson said...

What the crud is that thing at the top left of page 110!? your brain is a strange thing sir.



Thanks so much dude!!! Yeah it's not easy finding time... And it's all the "What not" that takes the most!!

Little baby Richard_

Why that's a Fish-man, of course!!!