A baby mammoth 116-119

Hell ya!!!

Today is Red Box day and nothing can stop it!!! I just had one of those insane crazy busy days... Again... And got a few more of these to go before I leave town in about a week! But yeah... I managed some how to stop time itself for just a few minutes... Just enough time to post these new pages!!

So here it is... This week's Red Box session... I managed 4 pages for you this week... I know I know I kinda maybe-promised another epic 7 pages last week but considering the schedule I'm keeping these days... This is pretty rad!

So enjoy these awesome new pages full of mysteries and such and such... Oh and a new "real life" character...  (well not actually new cuz we've seen him before ( Pages 25 through 28)) 


PAGE 116

PAGE 117

PAGE 118

PAGE 119

WOOOaaaaaah! What the hell is going on in that "forbidden room" !?!? Weird shit!!! Find out next week!! Yep you bet!!! Next week is also the end of this here chapter 6!!!


As usual go back in time and check this whole epic adventure from the start HERE!!

Also go there (HERE) to brows through the very same pages to find which one of these would fit nicely as a fancy framed print above your fireplace!!

Ok ... got to run!!!

Stay safe!!

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Henne said...

Sailor davee?! Haha! Looks just like him!