South South East by East South East...

So here is session 2 on mister Easy's inner arm... A compass... And a map... I guess he gets lost a lot!! 

So here's a question... Since a compass is magnetized and points to the closest pole... Than a compass from the Northern hemisphere can not be used in the Southern hemisphere and vice versa?? Just a question... Was thinking about that while I was doing this and mister Easy couldn't answer this question... Anyways... More Plogables soon!!

Oh and don't miss this Week's Red Box session on Wednesday!!! The unbelievable end to chapter 6!!!!!

Ok got to run!!!

Extra news:

-I should be able to post that damn calendar tomorrow!!
-I'm closing the EPTB till I get back home at the end of August!!
-I'm off to Copenhagentown in Denmarkia in a few days for about 20 days... Just so you know!

And yeah!

Stay real!

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