From the Abu Ghrabbit

Back from Brisbane, OZZzzztralia... The wonderful and full of awesome, Abu Ghrabbit super sleeve came back for some sweet sweet colour!!

We started this last year in October and had lined it all over night... It was nice to see this awesome piece again and get crackin' on the colour!

Here's what it looked like after this session!! More at the end of August!!!

BIG is beautiful!!! By far my biggest head out there!!!

Ok would love to stay and chat but I once again have to run... In a crazy storm too! We just got a crazy Typhoon in town tonight and well... It's a bad one!

Wish me luck on my walk home!

Ok ciao!


jedi said...

yeah nice try at becoming a jedi ya fucking fairy, you wouldn't make one of jabbas bitches..


Watch out Luke!!!

He's back at the end of next month and has promised to beat ya then out of that Jedi title of yours!!!!

I don't know... I think he can make it...

Let's see!!!