What a day… 

So here's the news of the day… I finally managed to re-open the EPTB!! It took me all day but starting from… Now! It's open!

 So I changed a lot of things around… Made it my doodle spot! From originals to a new personal print revolution… So if you like my doodles, that's the place to go! Not yet finished but most of the important stuff is up and running!!!

 I really don't understand, looking back, how it took me so long to do this but better late then never, right? After a few years of searching for a local Gicleé printer… I can happily say I found one last week! I tested them and the result is absolutely mind blowing!! I've honestly never seen this good of a quality anywhere else (Gicleé or not)! Some of the tests I got them to print came out almost better than the originals at sometimes twice the size as the originals! So... Yeah!!! Pretty epic! So this is now my new addiction and if you want to participate, go check the PRINT section on the EPTB!! 

It is, of course, more expensive than an offset run or a high-res digital but way cheaper than an original and the quality… Oh the quality… Unbelievable!

So yeah… I got prints again! I started with 9 and will add more as the months go by!

Now I'm exhausted so if you don't mind I'm outta here!

Let me know what ya think of the new ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX!!!!!

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