The Beijing Baker...

Aaaaand... Here's my last day's doings up north for the Electric Beijing Show!!!

Part 1... sadly Part 2 will have to wait till I get back up there in a few months!

So much to do, so little time... I'm starting to forget about stuff like all the time now! I mean I might have too much going on or something... But I'm definitely not planning on slowing down anytime soon... Been working on the Red Box everyday now since I got back from Beijing and it's taking all my time! Loving every minute of it but can't wait to be finished with this season and have my time back to doodle other things!! I've been delaying posting many important news and I think it's time for me to post these here very soon!!! So as soon as I manage a few minutes break in the days to come (let's say in the week to come), keep an eye out for some long promised news posts!

- I'll be explaining how I'll be changing my tattoo rules and regulations for next year.

- I really need to post all this Red Box news post asap. Some interesting details about this project you might be interested in.

- I'll be posting a calendar up too. There are a bunch of travels planned in the not so distant future and well, you might wanna know about them!

- I'll be fixing up the ELECTRIC PICK TURE BOX and I think some of you might be interested in what I'm gonna do with it! I don't know why I've waited so long to do this but better late than never, right? You have no idea what I'm talking about... Let's just say I'm planning a print orgy! Gimme a week and it'll be up and running!!!!

- And finally, I've been seriously thinking (in my long time drive to do less tattooing) to start taking illustration submissions again! Let's see...

So yeah... I'll try my best to wrap all these above mentioned subjects, between the next two Red Box Wednesdays!!!

Ok got to run...

What are we today? Monday? Ok... I guess my next post is gonna be Wednesday for the start of Chapter 6!!!

Take it light and stay real!

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john cheetham said...

hoping a wee trip to Scotland may feature in those travel plans. Its been ages mate a well deserved catch up is required