Mort de rire.

O M G!! That was long I know I know!!!! No need to explain the madness of the last few days!! Let's just say it's been mad! But here I am with loads of awesomeness and part one of almost one month's worth of doings!! As usual I must remain evasive but since you all had to wait for soooo long with nothing but "filler" posts for like ever... Here's a little welcome back post for all you tattoo fiends out there!

Here's some stuff I done did a while ago you might have missed....

1- Mister Colt from Macau's clownfish mermaid and octopus friend! This is a piece we had started last year and after a long break got back into with some well deserved colour action... Here's what it looked liked after the second colour sitting, 1 more to go >>>

2- Mister Godwin's family strikes back! Here's another piece from earlier this year and a catch up post of what it looked like after the second colour session!! 1 more to go >>>

3- Here's a sweet, all healed up photo from a few months back when Mister Allen had dropped by to show us how good his space surfing chick looked all healed up and stuff!!

4- Another one you might have missed... Mister Godwin again with part 2 of his market analogies! This time when things don't go so well... Fiction, obviously!! Here's what it looked like after session one! One more to go >>>

More postings, more regularly, more awesome!!
Unbelievable news tomorrow too!!

Stay awesome out there!


Missy Kick-A-Lot said...

Yaaa tattoos, welcome back, don't stay away for that long EVER again!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work here,really nice style and vision!!!true inspiring!!!Best resgards from Portugal!!Anselmo Edgar,Surreal vision tattoo