An instant classic !!

Ladies and gentlemen ... The Atomic-bot !!

An instant classic if ya ask me ! Today's dramatic scene of horror and terrifying terror and stuff !! A true story too ! 3 hours and a half of lines and black later ... And the giant machine man is half complete !! One more good session of colours in March and this mega mecha madness should be done !! Most probably gonna be a monochrome piece too ! Been trying to squeeze one of them lately and I think I finally found a courageous contender for it !! Should be a rock'n one !! Check it out in March !!

Here's a close up of what's really happening here !! Just so you understand the sheer terror and drama involved in this scene !!

Still trying to figure out what original should be for sale and what other one should stay in the pile !! Gimme a day or two and I'll have a list for you !

In the mean time ... Here's a bit of advice : If ever one should happen to be followed by a giant robot ! One should run away , of course , however , not in the direction in which the said robot is going !


chris pa,usa said...

that is fuckin sweet i love robots

igl said...

drama; what kind of hairdryer is that, and (...), is she unlucky about her hairstyle ???
i know that these old type of hairdressing- robos had many miscellaneous softwareproblems !
mhmmm !?

nic said...