Frostbite !

Here's one !!

Last Tuesday's tat-action ! I know , I know I told ya I had a few for you ... And it is , in deed a true story !! However most of them , I just found out , are still stuck in my camera , way way back at the shop ! So ... You'll have to wait a bit longer for em !

This one however , is an old classic we re-nipped on Mr.Bowen ... One of my new Australian friends ! We'll be continuing this one in Melbourne in Febuary with some cold , blizzardy ( most likely my magical Blue-Grey ) background colours ! Keep an eye out if ya like wintery tattoos with scarf-wearing grim reapers and the whole "last match" kinda theme thing !!

So ... More of these late tattoo posts in the days to come !

Take care out there and hope you survive this year's Winter season ! Unless you live in Australia ... Then have a nice Summer day at the beach !

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chris said...

pretty cool