Day fifth ... The fallen king !

Had an other busy , yet sweet day today !! Work work work ... But getting loads of stuff done !! A nice thing happened this morning ... One of my customers from last month ( the mermaid on the sailor piece ) dropped by for some touch-ups today , before my official appointment ! And ... As picky as I can be ... This piece needed no touch-ups !! I mean none at all !!

Now ... I can proudly state that my stuff usually heals more than fine , but it's totally normal to get a little scab here and there or just to need a bit more contrast at some places ! But this piece had healed and looked exactly like I had done it a month ago ! Now that's cool ! In my busyness ... If you take what you do at heart that is ... That's like a very nice tap on the back !! So here it is ... I re-posted it just cuz I'm happy bout it ! This the healed version !

However later ... Finished the chess / death piece from a while ago !!! The king is in checkmate ! And don't try to cheat because death always wins !

Tomorrow ... Day 6th ... Two in one ! On who , you say ? Just some unsuspecting victim !

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Pyrrhus Darwin Castello said...

That tattoo has too many colors and me being drunk has nothing to do with it! Midget! CAT!! Egg!! One two lizard! Jesus im bored. Help me...