3... 2... 1...

So yeah... Sorry about the Plogglessness of the last few days but you've probably guessed it... I been busy at the office (the other office)!! Getting ready for all this Red Box awesomeness! 

We finally got the delivery we had been waiting for and are finally ready, after all the work involved in this epic project, to sell it!

We open for all orders tomorrow (the 19th of November) and we will be shipping the next day, everyday (yeah you bet, this is Hong Kong... 7 day postoffice land)!

The VIP pre orders will ship at around 10 per day starting tomorrow (unless I can do more than 10 doodles a day, of course)... I'll be going down the list from #1 and shipping the furthest first!

I'm guessing I can take care of all the VIP pre-orders within the next 10 days!!

Also... Here's what a wrapped, packed and ready to fly, Red Box looks like!!!

You can order this masterpiece of contemporary awesome amazingness through:


Also... For all of you wanting to order this mega awesomeness for Christmas... Here's the Hong Kong Postoffice's "Last Run Dates" to guaranty a Red Box under your tree this year! Please do take a quick look just to make sure!!! Be sure you order from us at the very latest 1 day before these dates!!

Ok got to go... Get my book it'll rock your socks off!!!

You rock!


Michelle Hilden said...

Sooo exciting! So happy for you!

GATæ¡” said...

Hey! Sherry's in the house;)
Rmb to bring me your book next time!!!!!

P.S. I like ur photos more XD